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We are experts in Overseeding

Patchy grass? Dying lawn? Insects taking over? Dry or diseased turf?

Just like your family car, lawns require love and maintenance to prosper year after year. As summers become dryer and hotter, more than ever homeowners are seeking out remedies that can help nurture existing lawns without the huge cost of pulling out existing, suffering turf and replacing it with expensive new sod. Overseeding can heal a myriad of ailments that lawn owners struggle with when trying to restore their established lawn.   

Revitalize your old lawn without starting from scratch. 

Should I overseed?

Overseeding is perfect for homeowners who:  

  • Are looking to repair a thinning or patchy existing lawn 
  • Want to transition from one variety of grass seed to another (for example, one that is more drought tolerant or suitable for the environment)  


What is overseeding?   

Ottawa Hydroseeding’s Overseeding machines efficiently aerate existing turf and pocket seeds deep into the protective soil. Our machinery gently removes dead and dying thatch that can prevent healthy new growth from prospering. Lawns that undergo overseeding need less water, experience less runoff, and grow back thicker than traditional hand seeded lawns.  

While HYDROSEEDING sprays mulch and new seeds onto fresh soil, OVERSEEDING plants seeds deep into the earth, and has the added benefit of removing old and dying grass that could impede the success of the new root system. HYDROSEEDING is best suited to new lawns which fresh topsoil. OVERSEEDING is an excellent way to renovate existing lawns. 


When to overseed?

Overseeding is an effective tool to repair many factors that contribute to deteriorated lawns:  

  • Lack of nutrients in the soil 
  • Poor drainage 
  • Dry and compact soil 
  • Lack of water 
  • Shaded areas 
  • Lack of fertilization 
  • No airflow 
  • Too much thatch choking out healthy growth 
  • Seed variety unsuitable for environment/climate 
  • Neglected lawns 



The first signs of new grass will appear in as little as 7 days after overseeding. Full lawn restoration can occur within 6 weeks, however, regular watering is critical to make sure your lawn can thrive.  

Overseeding prepares your lawn for new growth. To ensure your grass has its best chance at thriving, watering 2-3 times per week is recommended.  

Day 1 : Water heavily immediately after overseeding 

Day 2-14: Water daily, ensuring the top inch of soil is saturated.   

Day 15+: Water less frequently, but saturate more thoroughly to encourage deep root growth.